Leeds Centre for Medical Humanities

An interdisciplinary collaboration between the Faculties of Arts and Medicine & Health at the University of Leeds

ISSF funding opportunity

Latest round of University of Leeds Wellcome Trust ISSF funding for postdocs and secondments.
Deadline 9th March. 

See here for more info

The University of Leeds has been awarded a grant of £1m over two years from the Wellcome Trust Institutional Strategic Support Fund (ISSF). The Wellcome Trust aim for the awards to be used by Universities to enhance the generation of new knowledge, to promote innovation, collaboration and knowledge exchange, and to accelerate the application of research to achieve improved health outcomes.

The University of Leeds has matched the funding from Wellcome Trust and this new joint investment will be used innovatively to strengthen five crucial areas that directly map onto our University vision as well as the Wellcome Trust 2010-2020 strategic plan:

  1. Transition funding – capacity building through our investment in people, supporting our very best non-clinical and clinical post-doctoral fellows.
  2. Interdisciplinary secondments – discipline hopping schemes that will cross between Universities and industry or medical technology partners, with a new Pump Priming initiative.
  3. Underpinning resource – maximize opportunities around our recent successes in Capital Infrastructure funding where support staff with core skills are essential for success.
  4. Patient and public engagement activity in Biomedical Research and Medical Humanities, the latter part of the University’s new broad commitment to incorporating Arts/Humanities and Social Sciences within medical research.



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