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LoveArts Arts and Mental Health (CfP, ConFestival, Leeds, October 2014)

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LoveArts Arts and Mental Health: ‘Confestival’ in Leeds, October 2014

15-23 October at assorted venues across Leeds (including the first Love Arts Conversation – 21 and 22 October)

October will see Leeds buzzing with the launch of the fourth annual Love Arts festival. Once again Love Arts will be partnering with amazing art organisations across the city to explore connections between the arts, mental health and wellbeing. The festival is an eclectic mix of events including exhibitions, films, performances, and participatory events. This year a new secret ingredient will be added to this year’s Festival mix, the Love Arts Conversation.

This two day ‘Confestival’ (a festival flavoured conference) will be taking place in Leeds City Centre at a variety of major arts venues, and will be your chance to have your say and possibly hatch the next great arts and mental health project. We also want to unite to make the case for the use of creativity in mental health services and for general mental well being. There will be structured conversations about meaty topics (like ‘where does the money come from?!’), and presentations and workshops by a wide range of people who are doing great work already and want to spread the word. Whether you’re an arts organisation, mental health clinician, a researcher or commissioner, an artist, NHS worker, someone with experience of mental distress, or just curious …it will be a vibrant and inspiring affair not to be missed. Come and contribute to the conversation!

If you have proposals you would like to submit for Love Arts Conversation (deadline May 15) please contact Chris Keighley on chris.keighleyATnhs.net.
For more information contact Chris on 0113 8555637

We look forward to receiving your ideas!

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