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The Practical Art of Medicine: dissection, diagnosis and disease in the Early Modern Periodis a ‘Spotlight’ exhibition in the Wolfson Gallery, Palace Green Library, Durham. It looks at the period between the fifteenth and eighteenth centuries and its many advances in the study of anatomy, chemistry and physiology. Inspired by the collections of physician, historian and bibliophile Dr. C. E. Kellett (1903-1978), this exhibition draws on collections from throughout the Library’s holdings and includes work by Jean Fernel, Andreas Vesalius and William Harvey. Here is a listing of events associated with the exhibition:

 Ambroise Paré and the Origins of Forensic Medicine – show and tell by Dr. Cathy McClive
Saturday 26th January, 2pm

Strongly opposed by the conservative medical faculty in Paris, Paré’s Oeuvres were reprinted nearly a dozen times in 100 years. Containing sections on reproduction, monsters and hermaphrodites alongside more traditional surgical topics, the book also…

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