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Workshop with Durham’s Centre for Medical Humanities, Tuesday 20 November

We’ll be welcoming staff from Durham’s Centre for Medical Humanities to the LCMH for some discussions about collaboration and networking on Tuesday 20 November.

The event will take place in the LCMH (basement, School of English, Cavendish Rd) from 4.00-6.00. In the first hour, staff from both Centres will give very brief presentations on the following topics:

  • Some remarks on flourishing medical humanities -Martyn Evans (Durham)
  • Developing a research idea with Affiliates: ‘Breathing Spaces’ – Jane Macnaughton (Durham)
  • Medieval minds and bodies- Corinne Saunders (Durham)
  • Geographies of health and wellbeing – Sarah Atkinson (Durham)
  • Twins and the medical humanities – Will Viney (Durham)
  • Cultural Narrative and the Everyday Clinical Encounter – Stuart Murray (Leeds)
  • Colonial/Postcolonial Health – Clare Barker (Leeds)
  • Developing Medical Humanities Library and Museum Resources – Stella Butler/Claire Jones (Leeds)

In the second hour we will have open discussion.

Hope to see you there,

Stuart Murray

One comment on “Workshop with Durham’s Centre for Medical Humanities, Tuesday 20 November

  1. Centre for Medical Humanities
    18 November, 2012

    Reblogged this on Centre for Medical Humanities Blog and commented:
    We are very much looking forward to forging closer links with our Leeds colleagues. Watch this space for further reflections after Tuesday’s meeting.

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