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A troublesome blog at Rethink’s website


A very brief blog from a clearly traumatised sister of a person with mental illness.

A nihilistic admission of defeat or a respect for the autonomy and phenomenological singularity of the individual?

Of course, it is hard to comment meaningfully without details of the brother’s diagnosis – schizophrenia? bipolar? – or the natures of his delusions (if any).

But there are some interesting passages in Henry’s Demons (written by both father and son, as relative and sufferer respectively) by Patrick and Henry Cockburn in which Henry talks of his need to escape hospital and to reconnect with nature and freedom.  (In doing so, though, Henry would – in the estimation of medical staff, police and his relatives – often put his life in danger, mainly through acute neglect.)

Thoughts welcomed.

(And whilst you’re on their page, you might give some consideration to joining Rethink.)

2 comments on “A troublesome blog at Rethink’s website

  1. Chris Cox
    2 July, 2012

    Hi, do you mean troublesome or troubling? Troublesome implies we are trying to stir up trouble! Thanks.

    • Apologies for the implication. I was thinking of troublesome as in ‘vexatious, distressing, worrying, bothering’.

      Definitely meant that the blog was thought provoking (rather than merely provoking).

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